We manufacture custom-made pressure vessels from stainless and carbon steels. Pressure vessel calculations and approval documentation is done according to AD2000 guidelines and PED pressure directive with production modules A2 and G. We cooperate with Notified Bodies TÜV SÜD Sava d.o.o., Bureau Veritas d.o.o. and Lloyd’s Register. We produce pressurised, vacuum and cyclical load pressure vessels with single or multi shell designs, insulated and non-insulated. In addition, we also perform vessel and equipment installations along with distribution pipelines.

We also manufacture atmosperic condensate tanks, feed water, demi water, flash vessels and other energetics medium tanks from stainless or carbon steels. We manufacture, errect and position tanks to microlocation, install the connections, armatures and regulating equipment and insulation where required.

We manufacture manifolds from stainless and carbon steels for steam, water, air and other mediums, designed according to the guidelines of the pressure equipment directive PED and AD2000. We adjust the dimensions and layout according to the client requirements and space constraints.

We manufacture shell and tube heat exchangers for heat transfer between water, air, steam and condensate as well as other mediums. Exchangers are manufactured from stainless or carbon steels, transported and errected complete with piping connections on primary and secondary side.

Industrial energy facilities also need compressed air for operation of pneumatic armatures, for pneumatic transport, filter cleaning, etc. We manufacture complete compresed air substations or only certain sections for industrial or process use with normal or oil-free air.

Because of different energy sources or conditions of the energy medium requirements, thermal substations are often used where heat from steam is transferred to water or other medium, which may be a more suitable medium for heating or further consumption. Where steam is required, it may be reduced to a lower pressure for the needs of consumers. We determine the dimensions for substations, install the necessary heat transfer, accumulation, storage and regulating equipment and connect pipelines of the primary and secondary sides of the substation to the existing systems. When needed, we also perform equipment and pipeline conversions, when the consumers wish to change the operating medium.