Simes d.o.o. manufactures industrial steam, hot water and warm water boilers as a whole from conceptual design to implementation and acceptance by the client. We provide errections of boilers and make all necessary piping installations, supporting and load-bearing elements and all auxiliary equipment for the operation and regulation of boilers. We work with boiler manufacturers Viessmann Werke GmbH, Bosch GmbH, Loos GmbH, Ivar s.r.l., Danstoker A/S and Buderus GmbH.

We manufacture, process and repair furnace grates, transport elements, membrane walls or supporting elements. In boilers fueled by biomass, the burn chamber is far more complex than in simple gas burner counterparts. Due to the proximity of high temperatures and extreme operating conditions, materials or welds may become prematurely fatigued or damaged. The amount of processed fuel can also change with modifications of burn chambers.